Previous TE conferences

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The 30th ISTE Conference (TE2023)  Hua Hin, Thailand  Leveraging Transdisciplinary Engineering in a Changing and Connected World

The 29th ISTE Conference (TE2022)  Cambridge, USA  Transdisciplinarity and the Future of Engineering

The 28th ISTE Conference (TE2021)  Bath, United Kingdom Transdisciplinary Engineering for Resilience: Responding to system disruptions

The 27th ISTE Conference (TE2020)  Warsaw, Poland. Transdisciplinary Engineering for Complex Socio-technical Systems – Real-life Applications

The 26th ISTE Conference (TE2019). Tokyo, Japan. Transdisciplinary Engineering methods for Complex Socio-Technical Systems

The 25th ISTE Conference (TE2018). Modena, Italy. Transdisciplinary Engineering Methods for Social Innovation of Industry 4.0

The 24th ISTE Conference (TE2017). Singapore, Singapore. Transdisciplinary Engineering: A Paradigm Shift

The 23rd ISPE Conference (TE2016). Curitiba, Brazil. Transdisciplinary Engineering: Crossing Boundaries

The 22nd ISPE Conference (CE2015). Delft, The Netherlands. Transdisciplinary Lifecycle Analysis of Systems

The 21st ISPE Conference (CE2014). Beijing, China. Moving Integrated Product Development to Service Clouds in the Global Economy (CE2014)

The 20th ISPE Conference (CE2013). Melbourne, Australia. 20th ISPE International Conference on Concurrent Engineering, September, 2013.

The 19th ISPE Conference (CE2012). Trier, Germany. CE Approaches for Sustainable Product Development in a Multi-Disciplinary Environment

The 18th ISPE Conference (CE2011). Boston, USA. Improving Complex Systems Today

The 17th ISPE Conference (CE2010). Cracow, Poland. New World Situation: New Directions in Concurrent Engineering

The 16th ISPE Conference (CE2009). Taipei, Taiwan. Global Perspective for Competitive Enterprise, Economy and Ecology

The 15th ISPE Conference (CE2008). Belfast, United Kingdom. Collaborative Product and Service Life Cycle Management for a Sustainable World

The 14th ISPE Conference (CE2007). São José dos Campos, Brazil

The 13th ISPE Conference (CE2006)  Antibes-Juan les Pins, France 

The 12th ISPE Conference (CE2005). Dallas, USA

The 11th ISPE Conference (CE2004). Beijing, China

The 10th ISPE Conference (CE2003). Madeira, Portugal

The 9th ISPE Conference (CE2002). Cranfield, United Kingdom

The 8th ISPE Conference (CE2001). Anaheim, USA

The 7th ISPE Conference (CE2000). Lyon, France

The 6th ISPE Conference (CE1999). Bath, United Kingdom

The 5th ISPE Conference (CE1998). Tokyo, Japan

The 4th ISPE Conference (CE1997). Rochester, USA

The 3rd ISPE Conference (CE1996). Toronto, Canada

The 2nd ISPE Conference (CE1995). McLean, USA

The 1st ISPE Conference (CE1994). Pittsburgh, USA