About TE

Transdisciplinary engineering is focused on understanding effective forms of collaboration to get great outcomes via design, manufacture, decision-making, and intergrating systems. For the UK, engineering has recently been at the centre of major challenges and sometimes tragic issues such as the Grenfell Tower disaster or the more recent major disruptive issues with Raac - reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete, all point to challenges in the way engineers have and do work with different communities across and within engineering. 

Tackling this challenge requires co-operation, collaboration, working outside our comfort zones with different disciplines. Central to the work in transdisciplinary engineering are these kinds of concepts:

Transdisciplinary engineering is about being a different kind of engineer - one that can use the deep skills of engineering across and between different engineering disciplines but also about what that means do so with other, non-engineers and for non-engineers. 

What makes for a good TE paper?

TE2024 is a space to explore engineering ideas and innovation that don't fit neatly into other conference contexts - what's good for an IEEE conference is unlikely to be ideal for TE. But importantly you can take that idea or paper you wanted to submit to an IEEE symposium and use it as a platform for a TE paper. Doing so might take you outside your comfort zone if you are new to the TE community, but that's why we are here to help. 

Taking your standard engineering analysis or modelling and asking certain questions about it can provide the basis for a good, interesting paper, and potentially set you on the road to new kinds of innovation that might have been closed to you before.

Or you can take your current line of work and discuss it with someone from right outside your field - like a social scientist. This could be someone close to engineering like management science or - for those really wanting to challenge themselves - someone working in engineering studies, science and technology studies or sociology more generally. Reporting back on these discussions - how you understood it, what was challenging what was helpful for you - these are also good papers for TE.